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Exhausted woman at the gym Exhausted woman at the gym

The exercise struggle is real

The exercise struggle is real

You know you should work out, but sometimes you just don't wanna. Maybe you stayed up too late, the weather is bad, or a new season of your favorite show is now streaming.

Whatever the reason, people on Twitter feel you. These tweets prove that finding the will to exercise can be difficult.

"I can't believe I forgot to go to the gym again this morning. That's three years in a row now."

Someone needs a ride, stat:

"If you see me out for a run, please stop and pick me up. I don't exercise."

There isn't always strength in numbers:

"This morning I saw two young girls at the gym, one on the treadmill, and the other standing next to her sobbing because she doesn't wanna... relatable."

NBD, it's a workout for your jaw:

"Planned to go to the gym today, but the most exercise I've had is chewing on the head of my chocolate bear."

Sure, blame the dog:

"When I want to exercise but a dog wants to curl up with me: the eternal struggle"

Totally on board with this:

"They need to make a way for lazy people to get fit without leaving bed."

Top Image Credit: stock_colors/iStock

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