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Man and woman working out at home. Man and woman working out at home.

5 at-home workouts when you can't get to the gym

5 at-home workouts when you can't get to the gym

Maybe you don’t want to fork over the cost of a gym membership. Maybe the weather is bad and you don’t want to trek outside. Whatever the reason, being stuck in the house doesn't have to mean skipping a workout.

This collection of no-equipment-necessary moves will give you a full-body workout, even when your wallet or the weather doesn't cooperate.

1. Push-ups and dips

Push-ups are a great way to build upper-body strength without any equipment. If it helps to imagine a drill instructor barking “drop and give me 20!” then go for it. Or you can skip the drama and learn how to do a proper push-up from the video above by Katie Dunlop, a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor in Orange County, California.

Keep going on that upper body workout and isolate the triceps with dips, a muscle-building exercise that requires nothing more than a chair. "I love tricep dips to tone and strengthen your upper body," says Dunlop. She demonstrates in the video below:

2. Squats and lunges

Next up: leg time. Body-weight exercises like squats and lunges require only a bit of open floor space. The video below shows proper form for each, which is important to protect your joints. Dunlop's favorite lower-body move is the reverse lunge, which she demonstrates along with squats:

3. Fat-burning burpees

Burpees are a great modern version of squat thrusts that get your heart rate elevated for a fat-burning at-home workout.

"My favorite exercise ever is a push-up burpee because there are so many modifications that make it something anyone can do, and it works the entire body," Dunlop says. She shows how to do a basic burpee here:

4. Core work

Take your pick: You can plank, crunch, knee-lift or isolate your way to stronger abs from the comfort of your living room floor.

"I love variations of planks like hip dips, knee taps, and mountain climbers," Dunlop says. She demonstrates a number of plank variations in this video:

5. Yoga, sans studio

Yoga is a wonderful tool for building mind and body fitness. Classes at yoga studios can be pricey, but you can enjoy the benefits without leaving your home or spending a dime.

"The key to doing yoga at home is making sure you have a place set up that you can feel comfortable and safe to get your zen on," she says.

Please consult your doctor before commencing any exercise or weight loss program to ensure that your own individual health circumstances are taken into account.

Top Image Credit: davidf/iStock

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