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Photograph By SFIO CRACHO/Shutterstock
Smartphone hacks Smartphone hacks

11 smartphone hacks to make your life so much easier

11 smartphone hacks to make your life so much easier

We use our phones so much that it’s easy to think we know everything about them. But here are 11 great smartphone hacks you may not have thought of.

1. Repurpose an old cassette case

An old cassette case makes an instant phone stand. An old cassette case makes an instant phone stand.

Use a cassette case as a smartphone stand. The days of the boombox are over, but this is a way to keep the cassette era alive.

2. Keep it clean at the beach

Sand, water and smartphones do NOT mix. Seal your mobile device inside a resealable plastic bag, and you’ll be able to use it at the beach without risk of damage.

3. Use the volume buttons for a steadier shot

Taking a smartphone photo using the volume buttonsSnapping a pic with the volume buttons can be easier than pressing the touch-screen button.

You might not know the volume buttons on the edge of your phone can serve as the shutter button for the camera. Using these buttons while gripping the phone can produce a steadier shot than using the touch-screen button. Depending on your phone and the camera app it's using, you might have to enable this functionality in the app's settings.

4. Extend your selfie distance

You can extend your selfie distance beyond arm’s length by shuttering with your headphone-cord volume buttons (the same way you can use the phone’s volume buttons).

5. Stash your cash

Put cash, credit cards or ID between your phone and its case Tuck your cash, credit card, or ID between your phone and its case for easy toting.

Place your bills, credit cards or ID between your phone and its case or cover to transport them more compactly.

6. Charge the battery faster

Switch to Airplane mode to get a faster charge without powering off the device.

7. Adjust brightness to save the battery

Keep track of your phone's display brightness level. If you’re indoors, you don’t need maximum brightness. Lowering it saves on battery drain.

8. Lost and found, hopefully

Phone lock screen Add your contact info to your lock screen so if someone finds it, they can find you, too.

For your phone’s lock screen display, use a note containing your name and contact information. If you lose it, and an honest person finds it, they’ll instantly know how to contact you.

9. Screenshots are your friend

Screenshot directions from your navigation app for you to refer to later. You can save on data usage by referring to the screenshot. It’ll also come in handy if you can’t get a signal while navigating.

10. Your phone as a pair of eyeglasses

If you can’t read a document or a package’s tiny print, just take a photo if it, then zoom in on the image.

11. Crank it up

Your phone + a coffee mug = louder volume. Your phone + an empty coffee mug = louder volume.

Need more volume from your phone’s speakers? Boost the sound by placing your phone inside an empty coffee mug.

Top Image Credit: SFIO CRACHO/Shutterstock

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