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Photograph By Subway
Sara Tiegs is the Sub Jammers Champion, Again! Sara Tiegs is the Sub Jammers Champion, Again!

Sara Tiegs is the Sub Jammers Champion, Again!

Sara Tiegs is the Sub Jammers Champion, Again!

Sara Tiegs, our 2019 Global Sub Jammers Champion may look familiar! That’s because she also took home the trophy in 2017.

Each year at the annual Subway® convention, Sandwich Artists™ and restaurant managers from across the globe compete in the Sub Jammers competition for the chance to win the coveted title of World's Fastest Sandwich Artist®.

The competition, where Sandwich Artists compete to build the iconic Turkey Breast Sandwich, has turned into one of the most exciting and popular events at the convention.

This year, Sara competed against Sandwich Artists from Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, South Korea, the U.K., and the U.S.

Competitors are judged on their speed, sandwich appearance, ingredient distribution, and accuracy. Sara won the Global Sub Jammers trophy with a speed of 49.8 seconds, taking home the trophy and the $6,000 cash prize.

When asked what it felt like to win for the second time, Sara says, "Winning the Sub Jammer competition for the second time is amazing! It is awesome to bring the trophy home to Pullman [Washington]."

Sub Jammers Competition 2019 (left to right) Subway current CEO Trevor Haynes; Wisconsin Sandwich Artist and second place winner (tie) Holly Gutschenritter; 2019 Sub Jammer Champion Sara Tiegs from Washington; Celebrity Chef Jeff Mauro; and Arizona Sandwich Artist and second place winner (tie) Emma Brinson. Not in photo is Ontario, Canada, Sandwich Artist and third place winner Holly Gaudio. (Photo: Subway)


Sara has been with Subway for 18 years, starting as a Sandwich Artist and then working her way up to manage a restaurant in Pullman, Washington. She now has plans to become a Franchise Owner.

To Sara, the community is what she loves most; "My favorite part of working at Subway is honestly my customers. My regulars are what make the day."

Opening her own Subway seems like the right next step, "My customers already love me so becoming an owner would just go to show that I love them and the community as well and that I'm here to stay."

SubwayHer advice for others: "If you don't love your job then you're going to be miserable because we all have to work. Go into each day with a smile!"

There are about 400,000 Sandwich Artists in more than 100 countries worldwide. Many go on to other positions within the company, such as restaurant managers like Sara, field consultants like Mike, or franchisees like Alex. Interested in joining the Subway team? Visit Subway careers to find opportunities near you.

Top Image Credit: Subway

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