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Photograph By Ben Queenborough/PinPep
A groom had this Subway® Giant Sub delivered to his new bride at their wedding reception. A groom had this Subway® Giant Sub delivered to his new bride at their wedding reception.

Love at first sub

Love at first sub

Looking for love? You may want to head to your nearest Subway® restaurant. A surprising number of people have fallen in love at Subway. In some cases, that love developed into happy, long-term marriages.

These four romantic tales of couples who found their soulmate at Subway are guaranteed to warm even the most jaded heart.

1. She said yes — to a Giant Sub

Giant Subs delivered to a wedding Groom James Coad surprised his new bride with Giant Subs at their wedding reception. (Photo: Ben Queenborough/PinPep)

A groom from London was halfway through a speech at his wedding reception when two Subway Sandwich Artists™ entered the room carrying Giant Subs.

The delivery was all part of his clever plan to surprise his bride with a reminder of their first date.

“I took her to Subway and thought I’d be romantic by offering her a 6-inch Italian B.M.T.®,” said James Coad. “But when I handed it to her, she dropped the whole lot on the floor! I didn’t offer her mine though, that went home with me.”

2. Soulmates in Chicago

Mike and Mauli Sorensen Mike and Mauli Sorensen met in 1997 while she was a Sandwich Artist® and he was a loyal customer. (Photo: Subway®)

In 1997, Mauli Subhash Majmudar was working at the Subway restaurant that her mother owned. Mike Sorensen was a regular customer, and he always wanted her to make his sandwiches.

“My co-workers and Mom started telling me that Mike likes me,” Mauli said.

They dated for three months, when Mike confessed he wanted to date only her and no one else.

Mauli and Mike have been married for 18 years and have two children. She is currently a Field Consultant for the Subway Development Corp in Chicagoland assisting Franchise Owners with their businesses.

3. Corny jokes = true love

Alexa Graham and Barry Gross Alexa Graham and Barry Gross met while working at Subway and have been married for five years. (Photo: Subway®)

It was not love at first site for Alexa Graham and Barry Gross. He was a Subway manager who was 15 minutes late for an orientation meeting, and she was annoyed.

But as they started working together, their relationship improved. “We would challenge each other on who was the fastest at making sandwiches and telling corny jokes to make guests smile. It was a great time,” said Alexa, who now works in the Subway development office in Springfield, Missouri.

They soon married and are celebrating five years together. “Subway will always have a place in our hearts because it is what brought us together,” Alexa said, noting that they still tell corny jokes. “We even had sandwich jokes in our vows!”

4. Love is a walk in the park

Peter DiPasqua, Jr., with his wife, Lynn Peter DiPasqua, Jr., met his wife, Lynn, while they worked at the Subway restaurant his parents owned. (Photo: Subway®)

When he was 18, Peter DiPasqua, Jr. was the manager at an Orlando Subway restaurant opened by his parents. Lynn Dalia, also 18, was a Sandwich Artist® there. They were smitten and eventually started dating.

“On December 22, 1979, I asked her to go Christmas shopping,” Peter Jr. said. “We started with a walk in the park where I kissed her for the first time. I fell in love with her that night and have been in love with her ever since. Just over 5 years later I took her back to that same park and got on one knee and asked her to marry me.”

They’ve been married for 34 years! Peter Jr. is president and CEO of DiPasqua Enterprises Inc, one of the largest Subway franchisee groups. He and Lynn have three grown children.

Top Image Credit: Ben Queenborough/PinPep

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