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Squeezing juice out of a lime Squeezing juice out of a lime

How to handle 5 tricky produce items

How to handle 5 tricky produce items

Ever found yourself face-to-face with a fruit or vegetable you didn't know how to tackle? These videos show how to cut and prep some of the most challenging produce items.

1. How to prep an artichoke

Those green, prickly leaves will be no match for you after you watch how to handle them.

2. How to prep an avocado

Whether it’s destined to be mashed into guacamole or sliced on a sandwich, the first thing you’ll need to do is remove the huge pit. Here's how:

3. How to remove corn from the cob

You’ll have no runaway kernels with this genius trick that captures the corn as it falls.

4. How to juice limes

Lime juice can be notoriously stubborn. Chefs and others in the know swear by this method to get the most juice out of limes.

5. How to cut a pineapple

Like the artichoke, the pineapple is another prickly produce item. But with a few easy slices, you're left with something more manageable.

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Top Image Credit: rez-art/Thinkstock

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