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Photograph By Lance Pekus/Instagram
Lance Pekus Lance Pekus

How to eat like an American Ninja Warrior

How to eat like an American Ninja Warrior

You might know Lance Pekus as the Cowboy Ninja on "American Ninja Warrior." But even when he's not crushing an obstacle course on NBC's popular TV show, his life is a constant workout.

Pekus lives on a ranch in a rural Idaho town with his wife and two kids, which means his days include physically demanding ranching duties and chasing after his little ones. In the summers, he also works for the Forest Service, when he spends days at a time backpacking in the wilderness.

He has training obstacles set up on his ranch for workouts, and recently he added spartan races and running into the mix as he filmed another show: "Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge" on NBC.

With this much activity, he needs a lot of fuel.

Lance Pekus Lance Pekus lives on a ranch in rural Idaho, where he mixes workouts with ranching duties. (Photo: Lance Pekus/Instagram)

Breakfast and snacks

"I try to eat healthy and try to eat whole foods," Pekus says, though that goal can be difficult when he's traveling a lot.

"If I’m around the ranch and have the kids, we’ll make oatmeal with nuts or raisins or some eggs," he says. His family has chickens, and his daughter loves to crack the eggs, he adds.

"Throughout the day, I’m normally running around, and I’m a big muncher. I have a lot of fruits and nuts with me," says Pekus.

Lunch and dinner

Lance Pekus Whether he's in training or not, what he eats doesn’t change, but he may increase portion sizes, he says. (Photo: Lance Pekus/Instagram)

"If I sit down for lunch on the ranch, I normally either make a sandwich or a quesadilla," he says. "Then I munch throughout the day all the way until dinner."

For this ranching family, beef is big. "Living on a cattle operation, we have a lot of access to beef. That tends to be what our protein is at night. I’m also a hunter and a fisherman, so I get a lot of elk meat and fish, depending on the season."

Whether he's in training or not, what he eats "doesn’t change a whole lot," he says. "Sometimes I increase the amount I’m eating. I’ll do a workout in the morning, then go to work, then workout at night. Between that and juggling the kids, I eat fairly similar but I increase portions."

But even this super athlete isn't perfect. Eating healthy on the road is "something I should work on," he confesses. "I’m kind of a bad traveler. Living in a small town, we don’t even have the options to eat out. But when I get out and travel, I definitely notice that I increase the amount of grease!"

Top Image Credit: Lance Pekus/Instagram

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