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Photograph By Subway®
New Southwest Chipotle Chicken Club at Subway® restaurants New Southwest Chipotle Chicken Club at Subway® restaurants

More craveability is coming your way

More craveability is coming your way

Food innovation is a big priority for Subway® Restaurants — and our new craveworthy options are all for you. That’s why we’ve been busy launching new menu items this year.

"Innovation is about staying relevant. It's about bringing new ideas and new experiences to market so our guests can really experience a Subway like never before," says Len Van Popering, Chief Brand and Innovation Officer at Subway.

Beyond that, Subway integrates guests at every stage of development. “New product ideas can come from anywhere,” says Andy Dismore, Director of Menu Management and Innovation at Subway. "We have conversation[s] with our guests, and they're telling us what they want from Subway going forward."

The Evolution of our Menu

Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Meatball Marinara Our Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread (Photo: Subway®)

It started with the success of our Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread. We then kept the ball rolling by introducing two flavorful, limited-time only additions to our Signature Wrap lineup.

Most recently, we've broken from Club sandwich traditions with our Subway Club Collection*. Our Steak Club, American Club, and Southwest Chicken Club put a twist on the classic to deliver layers of unexpected flavors like guacamole and chipotle.

"In addition to what guests love about our brand, they're looking forward to innovation — new flavor experiences, new, bolder tastes," says Van Popering. "And that's exactly what our team is focused on delivering."

When it comes to delivering exciting flavors, Subway continuously tests tasty new items, some of which are inspired by our partnerships with Tastemade and other collaborating partners. Watch for even more food news from Subway in the coming months, as our menu continues to evolve; and if you haven’t yet, you can order the Subway Club Collection* now.

*Available for a limited time at participating restaurants.

Top Image Credit: Subway®

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