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Photograph By Subway®
Sara Tiegs Sara Tiegs

Get to know the World’s Fastest Sandwich Artist®

Get to know the World’s Fastest Sandwich Artist®

Meet Sara Tiegs, the fastest Sandwich Artist® in the world. She's the winner of the 2017 SubJammers competition, where Sandwich Artists™ race for the title of world's fastest.

"At SubJammers, Sandwich Artists and store managers compete to make the fastest footlong turkey sandwich," she explains. "In 2017, I was very surprised that I won! The best I had ever done was fourth place. My final score was 47 seconds."

It's fair to say that Sara's an expert when it comes to Subway sandwiches. So with the launch of our Signature Wraps, we asked her to show us her favorite one. Here's how she makes her Signature Wrap.

Fast facts about the fastest Sandwich Artist®

1. Sara Tiegs entered SubJammers nine times before she won in 2017.

2. She doesn't get nervous anymore when she's competing, though her hands shake at the end of each round!

3. She manages a Subway restaurant in Washington state.

4. She has worked at Subway for 16 years. "I started off as a Sandwich Artist and worked my way up into management," says Tiegs.

5. She's a local celebrity. News outlets shared the story of her SubJammers win, and now kids come into her restaurant just to see her! Awww...

6. She loves catering! “I love getting huge orders," she says. "My record is a lunch order for 1,100 six-inch subs with chips, cookies, and salads.”

7. One of her favorite things about Subway is how many combinations there are and how there's always something new to try together.

8. Her favorite Subway sandwich depends on the day. On a warm day, she goes for the Subway Club®. If it's a cold day, she stays toasty warm with the Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt.

Want to see how fast Sara can make the Turkey, Bacon & Guacamole Signature Wrap?

Top Image Credit: Subway®

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