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6 reasons to give the gift of food this year

6 reasons to give the gift of food this year

Not sure what to get for someone on your holiday shopping list? Give the gift of food! The idea has merit on multiple levels for both you and the recipient.

1. It can be easy on the wallet. Your grandmother doesn't want you to spend a lot on her, and that works for you because you're on a budget. Go to the market and gather fruit, jams, and crackers for a pretty (but relatively cheap) basket. Go to the candy store and hand-pick a few fancy chocolates, or buy the ingredients to bake her a cake.

2. Homemade shows you care. The homemade cake example above may have the most impact because you took the time to do it yourself with your loved one in mind. Whether it's a cake, produce you canned yourself, or a treasured family recipe, you'll get major brownie points here.

Homemade holiday cookies Homemade gifts show that you took the time to create something special for the recipient. (Photo: ©Jovana Vukotic/Stocksy United)

3. It can help feed the hungry. Make a donation — in your name or someone else's — to Feeding America® and give the gift of a meal to someone who doesn't have enough to eat. Just $1 helps to provide 10 meals.

4. It's a solution for the person who has everything. Even people who are impossible to shop for likely have a favorite food or drink. Stuff loose-leaf tea into a pretty container for tea drinkers, or give meat-lovers a selection of gourmet sauces.

5. It's not "stuff" to clutter up a house. Nobody needs more stuff on their bookshelves or more knickknacks on their tables. Food gifts are items that people will (hopefully) use and enjoy without taking up permanent space in their home. And if the packaging is recyclable, it won't take up space in landfills, either.

6. It's giving the gift of yum. If you're still not sure what kind of food gift to give, remember that you can always give a Subway® gift card! Your friend or family member can order their favorite sub and top it with crunchy veggies for a tasty gift.

Top Image Credit: fizkes/iStock

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